The team at Kandya Limited have been designing websites for over 20 years, actually prior to the creation of the Kandya itself.

Initially these sites were aimed at theatrical groups, helping with the communications of the group and more importantly the booking of seats for the various productions that they performed.

From simple websites to market a small company through to fully transactional websites selling thousands of tickets, Kandya can build on either scale. Integration of payment systems including Square and SumUp is fully achievable.

The KandyaMy™ interface is available to your site to help you build your wider business. Modules allow photo and video galleries, blogs, shopping carts, ticker tape alerts, locations as well as integration with products such as MailChip, What3Words and Google Maps.

Uses of KandyaMy™:

Managing sales of tickets for an event

Allowing guests to book their food selections in advance

Allowing guests to share photographs of an event

Selling art work/antiques/gardening services